Cihan Bilisim is exclusively specialized


 in procurement operations to e-commerce websites, primarily private sale portals. Cihan Bilisim Tekstil is a member company of Cihan Group which also includes another company in Germany, CHN Global, is the leading home textile, home decoration and kitchenware brands provider to e-commerce websites, with more than 5 years of experience at e-commerce procurement and 50 years of experience at the mentioned sectors.

Cihan Bilsim Tekstil, as a service provider, performs the logistics and stock reservation for companies in the e-commerce customer portfolio, with two warehouses, one warehouse (our European hub) located in Augsburg - Germany, and the other warehouse located in Istanbul - Turkey.

Cihan Bilisim Tekstil responds to the need of procurement business to private sale portals with a specialized business model and with maximum operational efficiency as we offer to handle whole handling, shipping and delivery processes that ends at e-commerce portals' warehouses. This process' timeline is designed according to customers' delivery instructions and deadlines.

Cihan Bilisim's strong campaign management team offers all the necessary information that our customers need to launch and schedule the sale , including data sheets for brands and products, photos and descriptions, which can be downloaded via the link that our company provides.